About Uni five

Why Uni-Five

Uni-Five A Startup Community

Uni-Five, a pitch competition platform. Organize support and funds for entrepreneurs in a startup community. 

How A Startup Community Works

A startup community is a supportive network for entrepreneurs. Organize entrepreneurs, sponsors, supporters, mentors, investors in a startup community. Fundraise, volunteer, rank, vote and fund the projects beloved by your startup community.



How to Create a Startup Community

1. Select Create, then select create a Startup Community 
2. Organize a community of sponsors and established entrepreneurs (mentors)
3. Sell sponsorship to raise funds for your Startup Community & start accepting pitches
4. Encourage contestants to organize fundraisers and volunteers for their individual projects
5. Rank projects by fundraiser and volunteers recruited and allow your Startup Community to vote for their favorite project during a live pitch event

Finally, award winner with pitch funds and collectively crowdfund runner ups

How To Make An Alliance

Organize a pitch competition with multiple startup communities by making Alliances. To form an Alliance simply visit the startup community of the organization and select Request Alliance with the Network Organizer.

Startup Community Commission

As a network leader (startup community organizer) on Uni-Five, you earn 10% for every project funded within your network. Use funds to host pitch parties, launch parties, and networking events.

How do I Win a Pitch Competition

Pitch your project to as many supporters as possible in your personal network and your startup community. Organize your supporters via fundraising and volunteer portals. Participate in as many pitch competitions as possible. When it's time to raise money, begin your campaign with the help of your fundraisers, volunteers, and your startup community. 

How To RECRUIT Fundraisers and Volunteers for a Pitch Project

Pitch your project to as many supporters as possible in you personal network and your startup community. Organize your supporters via fundraising and volunteer portals. Participate as many pitch competitions as possible. 

What's Network Funding

Network Funding is when a startup community rallies behind a project by collectively giving small donations to help a project reach its goal. On Uni-Five network organizers facilitate network funding.

How to Rank Projects

As a network organizer, you determine how often your startup community will rank projects. It could be once a month or once a week. Rank projects with the Rank Top Project button in the project section of your startup community, the ranking will show the projects with the most fundraisers and volunteers.


Contact Us/Terms of Agreement

For help or support please contact support@uni-five.com

How much does Uni-Five cost

Uni-Five is free to use and there is no charge for organizing pitch competitions. However, there is a  5% fee for project fundraising and a  2.9% + 30 cent transaction fee for credit card processes. For users who are successfully collectively funded by a startup community a 10% fee (optional) should be gifted to the startup community organizer for organizing support for your project. 

What if I don’t reach my funding goal

At Uni-Five all projects keep what they raise, you pay the standard fundraising fee if you succeed or fail to reach your goal. You can release your funds at anytime without any disruption to your project. 

Are contributions tax-deductible

Majority contributions are not tax-deductible. Campaigns may offer tax deductions on contributions only if they are set up as a 501©(3). 

Is Uni-Five Safe

All donations are made through WePay. WePay secures your donations and funding through out your funding life cycle and provides a customized payout upon fundraising completion.

Can I control who enters my network

Yes, you can control who enters your network. Every time a user joins your network you can choose to accept or reject that member.

Can I raise money or contribute in my currency

No Uni-Five accepts and disburses funds in U.S. Dollars only.

Can anyone in the world create a campaign

Uni-Five is an international platform, so anyone can start a project. However, we do not allow campaigns from countries on the U.S. OFAC sanctions list. 

Can I Cancel My Account

You can cancel your account as long as you have not raised any money. Accounts that have raised money must remain active.  Contact support@uni-five.com to cancel your account/project.

How to Pay Network Commission

To pay startup community commission, release the funds raised. Once your fund is released you will be directed to the project payment details page. Select Pay Startup Community Commission to pay your network organizer.

**To pay with the funds you have raised log into your we pay account in a separate window to access the wepay payment option.