Uni-Five A Startup Community

Welcome to Uni-Five a startup community. One pitch to attract pitch competition funds, crowdfunding dollars, and venture capital. Join or create a startup community, learn and grow as an entrepreneur with others. Utilize our fundraising tools to organize support for your projects and a community fund. As an organizer manage your startup community, rank thousands of projects and finally vote for the projects beloved by your startup community.

Organize entrepreneurs, pitch decks, mentors, supporters, investors, professors and sponsors in a startup community designed to engage, develop and finance entrepreneurs.

Interact with pitch decks equipped with tools to fundraise, volunteer and attract venture capital.

Easily rank and vote for the top projects in your startup community. Sell sponsorship to raise funds for pitch competitions and fundraise for individual projects at any time.

Our Story

We believe that every community has the capacity to innovate, the ability to rally around ideas that can change our world. We also believe that true community is the natural ally of innovation, propelling people, dreams, and ideas forward. Uni-Five was created to help strengthen communities, so leaders and community members can focus on cultivating those who yearn to change our world.